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With our local knowledge of Brixham, Torbay and Lyme Bay, we offer various services to cater for all Maritime needs off the South Coast of the UK. Ranging from crew changes, boarding of fresh fish/crabs and stores, chart requirements or a range of other services, BSAS is ready to help.

Benefiting from a deep water anchorage outside port limits along with excellent shelter from changeable weather conditions, it is in a prime position for vessels to utilise our agency services during entry/exit to the English Channel. It offers vessels both an ideal anchoring/drifting position during bad weather or a waiting position during delays of ETA at first port. 
We can arrange a Launch to rendezvous with a vessel off Brixham while underway or at Anchor.  Larger vessels can take advantage of the Deep Draft anchorage in Lyme Bay (Please see BA Chart 26).

Within Torbay we have a safe anchorage for vessel’s sheltering from the weather which is also ideal for surveys and repair, at a maximum draft of 9.5m.

Brixham is the ideal location to embark and disembark Deep Sea Pilots as well as disembarking overcarried harbour pilots during bad weather conditions. We can assist with the arrangements of either along with our many other service offerings. 

Our staff have over 15 years of experience offering agency services around Brixham meaning we are best placed to cover any of your vessel requirements. Please visit our individual service sections for further information on how we can assist, or alternatively, please feel free to contact us for further information. 

Personnel Transfers & Crew Changes

Whether it be general crew changes or the boarding and landing of Superintendents/Officers, Brixham Ship Agency Services will be able to assist you. 

Brixham is easily accessed by road, rail or taxi and we are here to help with UK Border Force, travel to or from any UK airport, launch arrangements and accommodation, as and when required. We can arrange for PCR tests to be carried out on arrival or departure from UK airports to ensure your crew members meet any boarding or landing requirements. If vessel repairs are requested, we can assist your Technicians or Engineers with their travel and boarding/landing, both to and from your vessels.

Based on the entry/exit to the English Channel and with good shelter during bad weather, Brixham is an ideal location for a crew change. It is around 24 hours passage for most vessels to their first European port which allows time for handovers to be undertaken during passage. This often provides the additional time needed to complete a full handover, rather than when in port and coupled with all the formalities that come on top of this. For vessels facing large delays or awaiting orders, it offers an opportunity to carry out a crew change without adding significant delays and further hotel costs to waiting joiners. Likewise, it enables companies/owners to fulfil crew change requirements in a timely manner. 

Given our close relationship with the local pilot launch we are able to provide launch services at the best possible price and coordinate your boarding/ladings in good time, and without delay. The launch service is able to go further out into Lyme Bay deep water anchorage for any vessels requiring the service here.

Please contact us for more detailed information into our crew change services. 


Fresh Fish and Stores

We can supply vessels with fresh provisions/fish/crabs or general stores when requested. 

Being based on the South West Coast and in a prime fishing location, BSAS can supply fresh fish or live crabs landed the same day. You will not find any higher quality elsewhere and given our great relationships with local suppliers, we can provide you with competitive prices. For our list of fresh fish on offer, please contact our office. All fish orders are calculated in dollars for ease and can be boarded by our local pilot launch. 

The same applies for the onboarding of provisions or stores. Our local contacts mean we are able to provide great local and fresh produce, with our launch able to carry two pallets at around one tonne in weight. If larger orders are required we have other local contacts with supply vessels that will be able to assist. Please fee free to contact us for more information into what we can offer, as well as full details of the local fish and crabs available.

Charts and Other Items

Where there is a need to onboard charts to a vessel at short notice, BSAS can assist with any requirements. Given our position at the entry to the English Channel, Brixham is an ideal opportunity for vessels to fulfil any chart requirements as they proceed into Central and Northern Europe.

Our chart supplier can make delivery the next working day (same day in some cases). We have strong local relationships with nearby chart suppliers meaning we can provide a speedy arrangement with reduced postage fees.

We can also assist with the onboarding of any ad hoc requests from sim cards to vessel spares. We can accept delivery of these items to our office and take care of any shipping arrangements as well as coordinating the boarding of your items. Please feel free to contact our office if you would like to arrange any of these. 


Cruise Ships

Torbay and Dartmouth are an ideal anchorage for Cruise Ships to arrange a port call, largely due its position in the English Riviera providing great local attractions and services. 

BSAS work closely with Torbay Harbour Authority to arrange port clearance, border force, passenger transfers and any other passenger requirements. The benefits of being local mean we have great knowledge of the area and we are always happy to assist, and provide advice, in order to make your cruise call effortless. We can assure you that your passengers will experience some of the best that the English Riveria has to offer whilst ensuring an uninterrupted and high level service experience. 

Please contact us today for further information


Deep Sea Pilotage

Licensed Deep Sea pilots provide their services to vessels in the English Channel and North Sea. Given these are some of the busiest and most navigational complex waterways in the world, Deep Sea Pilots bring added assurance around vessels safety, provide reduced risks over fatigue and working hour limitations, as well as costs savings through expert passage planning by reducing bunkers.

These busy shipping lanes carry a high risk of an incident. This could result in expensive repercussions from both a damage and pollution perspective. Coupled with the ever increasing offshore activity, fishing vessels, numerous ferry crossings, it is essential to obtain the necessary support when transiting these waters. The increased pressure on a master due to shrinking crew sizes and working hour limitations also increases the importance of assistance.

Please feel free to contact us if you would like to arrange a Deep Sea Pilot and we will take care of this for you.


Launch Services

We have a launch service off Brixham that operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The main benefits of the launch services off Brixham is the reduced transit time for any boarding/landings (our boarding position is around 2-2.5 miles from shore). This results in one of the most reasonably priced launches you will find off any European coastline, as well as reduced transit time for your personnel which can be beneficial during changeable weather conditions. This also makes Brixham the ideal place to board or land your Deep Sea Pilot.

We have a close working relationship with the launch off Brixham and can therefore ensure our clients will get the most favourable rates when utilising this service through us.

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